Statement Of Progress

The first Statement of Progress for the Strategic Grown Plan for Derry and Strabane highlights advances to date in achieving the outcomes set out in the strategy,The Statement, published on November 25, 2019, is the first significant milestone in the Community Planning process, and comprises a detailed report on all progress based on a series of economic, social and environmental indicators. It aims to provide transparency around the business of Community Planning and the performance of the statutory and support partners tasked with its delivery.

The Statement, which was ratified at a meeting of the Strategic Growth Partnership, contains positive indications that change is already beginning to take effect in seven out of the eight outcome areas prioritised in the plan, with progress occurring at a faster rate than expected.

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Appendix I – ‘Progress Update Report’

Economic Wellbeing

Statement of Progress – Education & Skills Outcome

Statement of Progress – Economic Outcome

Statement of Progress – Tourism, Arts & Culture Outcome

Environmental Wellbeing


Statement of Progress – Environment Outcome

Statement of Progress – Infrastructure Outcome

Social Wellbeing


Statement of Progress – Health & Wellbeing

Statement of Progress – Community Development

Statement of Progress – Children & Young People

Statement of Progress – Summary Video’


Our Vision.

A thriving, prosperous and sustainable City and District with equality of opportunity for all.