Since the publication of the Strategic Growth Plan (SGP) in 2017 work has been ongoing to implement the actions identified within the strategy that will bring about meaningful and lasting change here. In the interest of openness and transparency, Council and its partners are committed to monitoring and measuring performance to ensure targets are met in terms of delivering the outcomes that local citizens have identified as priorities for their City and District.

Every four years work will be reviewed and a Statement of Progress will provide an update for the public and the Department for Communities, to ensure we remain on course for delivery of the aspirations set out in the SGP by 2032. Every two years a report will also be produced on how inequalities here have been addressed and hopefully reduced.

A performance management framework has been developed based on the Outcomes Based Accountability model, and this will be used by the Outcome Delivery Partnerships to monitor and measure impact as actions are delivered. A suite of population-wide indicators has already been developed to monitor performance against the outcomes set out in the strategy.

Our first Statement of Progress is due in November 2019 and, in the interest of accountability, will be made available for all to view so you can chart the progress towards change and see the positive impact that the Growth Plan is already making on local communities.