Background and supporting papers for the February 10th 2023 meeting of the Strategic Growth Partnership are available for download below.

Agenda Item Lead
1. Welcome & Introductions Chair
2. Apologies All
3. Declarations of Interest All
4. Minutes of October ‘22 Meeting & Matters Arising All
5. City Deal John Kelpie, Chief Executive, DCSDC.
6. Strategic Rail Update Karen Philips, Director of Environment & Regeneration, DCSDC.
7. A5 Supplementary Environmental Information Consultation
8. Strategic Growth Plan Performance Monitoring/Risk Register Update Rachael Craig, Strategic Business Manager, DCSDC.
For Information
9. World Health Organisation (WHO) European Healthy Cities Network Update
10. People and Place Review Co-Design Update
11. Date of Next Meeting: Friday 30 June 2023
12. A.O.B