Background and supporting papers for the February 28th meeting of the Strategic Growth Partnership are available for download below.

Agenda Item Lead
1. Apologies All
2. Declarations of Interest All
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 25.10.2018 Chair
4. Strategic Growth Plan – Progress & Performance Monitoring Rachael Craig, Strategic Business Manager, DCSDC

Hugh McNickle, Lead Statistician, DCSDC

5. Presentation:

Education & Skills Outcome Delivery Partnership

Gavin Killeen, Chair, Education and Skills ODP

Tina Gillespie, Skills Manager, DCSDC

6. Presentation:

Green Infrastructure Plan

Colin Kennedy, Parks Development Manager, DCSDC

Christine Doherty, Biodiversity Officer, DCSDC

7. Presentation:

Youth ’19

Claire Lynch, Children & Young Peoples Coordinator, DCSDC
8. Carnegie Embedding Wellbeing in Northern Ireland Project Colm Doherty, Strategic Projects Officer, DCSDC
9. Local Area Community Plans Barry O Hagan, Head of Community Development and Leisure, DCSDC
Items for Information
10. NISMP Briefing Chair
11. Revised schedule of meetings Chair
12. A.O.B All

To access presentations please click on the hyperlink on the relevant agenda item within the table.